No one wants to admit that they are having difficulties living at home. Fear, pride, and many other emotions prevent many individuals from realizing that they are living in a potentially unhealthy and/or dangerous situation. Much of the fear comes from the unknown. They need to realize that difficulties that arise from the aging process should not be viewed as the ‘end of the road.' Instead, it is just another chapter. It may be time to seek some assistance if one or more of the following describe someone you know:

  • Not eating properly, or at all...
  • Forgetting to take medication, or
    taking too much and at the wrong time
  • Not grooming one's self, or bathing on
    a regular basis
  • Lonely, depressed, or withdrawn
  • Not cleaning home regularly
  • Frequently calling loved ones and friends
    for help, or for nothing at all
  • Not caring about one's appearance, or
  • Recover from illness or surgery
  • Regular caregiver going out of town, or needs a break

We are the next chapter.

Welcome to New Haven Assisted Living and New Haven at Home. 
Our goal is to provide superior care in our home, or yours.  
Our certified assisted living communities, and in-home care services provide non-medical assistance to our residents and clients.

  • Very personalized care
  • High staff – resident ratio
  • Assistance with grooming,
       bathing, dressing
  • Home-cooked meals
  • In-Touch Wellness Philosophy
  • Daily activities
  • Assistance with self-administered medication
  • And much more…

The unique size of our communities has many advantages. Our truly home-like environment allows our residents to adjust readily and maintain their independence in a comfortable setting. Add to that we have a staff to resident ratio that is significantly higher than that offered in nursing homes. So you can have peace of mind that you or your loved one will be receiving the best possible care and attention.


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